Quality Statement

About Integrated Management System Policy

Dom Duarte considers quality, legality, integrity and food safety as indispensable factors for the consolidation of its brand in the food market, safe for its economic growth.

The implementation of the Integrated Management System Policy is based on values ​​of integrity and ethical standards of honesty, trust and transparency in relation to people and legislation, and its objective principles are to guarantee a level of protection of consumer health and supply products in accordance with the specified quality, through increased control in the food chain, placing food safety and product integrity at the center of the concerns of all parties involved.

Dom Duarte focuses on the continuous improvement of its products and processes and, to this end, resorts to partnerships with suppliers and business partners with a view to the global optimization of the organization’s processes. Dom Duarte employees play a fundamental role in the quality and safety of products and, as such, the Organization is committed to continuous training and the development of a culture of food safety.
In line with this policy, Dom Duarte is certified with the BRCGS standard.